When it comes to the world of branding, nothing is more important than finding a new and innovative way to differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd. And in today’s world, there are no shortages of new and innovative methods of marketing. But there is one new form of marketing that businesses like hotels and other hospitality enterprises are using to set themselves apart – any idea what this may be?

Scent Marketing

It’s safe to say that scent marketing isn’t just for hotels – any business can brand themselves with a unique scent that can provide a whole new experience for prospective leads to engage with your brand and for current customers to continue buying into whatever you may be offering.

But Why?

Well, because scents last – they stick, they create a sense of nostalgia, and they’re unique. Think about it; modern day branding includes everything from auditory experiences to visual imagery that becomes engrained in the brains of consumers all across the world, but what about scents? Imagine knowing the fragrance of your favorite clothing store or the scent of your home team’s arena. These scents can pair themselves perfectly with the logo on a shirt or the celebration song for your favorite sports team to usher in a whole new way to connect with consumers on a deeper level than ever before.

The Sense of Smell

When it comes down to it, our sense of smell is one of the most powerful of all five! In addition to being most powerful, it is also the one sense that creates the largest and most powerful emotional response in our minds. Everyone knows what it feels like when they smell a scent that

reminds them of something – it’s that peculiar, but pleasing, intriguing, and even endearing feeling of wanting something that we once had.

This same emotional response can be used by brands to help draw new customers in, increase and grow sales, enhance your in-store experience, and even help you grow your brand identity with a comprehensive multi-sense experience for your clients. In other words, you’ve got the visual covered, you’ve got the auditory experience covered, and when you equip your brand with your very own unique scent, you’ve got the olfactory covered too!

Sell Your Smell

Now, why not take it a step further? Once you’ve adopted your own signature fragrance, bring it to the market and stock it on your shelves. If you can buy perfume from Lamborghini, why can’t you buy a candle that gives off the scent of your favorite hotel? Why can’t you purchase a shampoo that smells just like your favorite clothing store?

Scent marketing is an entirely untapped marketing strategy that could help you grow your brand, connect with consumers on a deeper, more powerful, and more emotional level than ever before, and establish yourself as a difference-maker; a brand that isn’t afraid to try something new.

So, what do you think? Have you heard about Scent Marketing? Have you tried it for your brand? Let us know in the comments down below.