Increase Dwell Time

How can scent Increase Dwell Time?

Getting customers through your door is already complicated enough so you want them to actually stick around once done. What happens once they stepped in is part of a metric called dwell time and most businesses want to know "how to increase customer dwell time" to increase sales.

Dwell time is crucial as it defines how customers interact with your stores. By visiting more areas and staying longer customers may be able to discover this hidden jewel they were looking for or add-on a little extra to their shopping list. Indeed a recent report showed that there is a strong correlation between how long people are spending in your store and how it affects sales.


Customer Satisfaction


Shoppers stay longer in scented environments as they feel more comfortable. On average dwell time is increased by at least 15 minutes once a pleasant aroma has been introduced. Waiting seems shorter as scent can bring a sense of comfort and calm. Customer satisfaction is also improved as Ambient Scenting positively impacts customer perception.

Facts and studies

on how scent increases dwell time

Dunkin Donuts has diffused a scent which has given the chain a 16 percent increase in store traffic and a 29 percent increase in coffee sales for its duration.

-by Dunkin Donuts

Shopping malls find that they experienced higher customer traffic to cafes once they used our café scent.

-by Path Intelligence

A study discovered that when exposed to a pleasant smell, shoppers underestimated the amount of time they spent in the store by 26%.

-by Martin Lindstrom

A study conducted in the Galeries Lafayette in Paris shopping mall showed when un-scented, shoppers claimed they spent 45 minutes in-store when the actual time spent was 40 minutes. After scent was added to the environment shoppers estimated they had spent only 25 minutes in-store when they had actually spent more than an hour.

-by Galeries Lafayette