Customer Experience

How can scent Improve Customer Experience & Customer Satisfaction?

Positive association between a place and a scent creates an emotional link to the location of a pleasant experience. This is the main influential factor of buying decisions in a store.

Walking in a store or a hotel should be a customer experience which is appealing to all the senses. Traditionally marketers have been focusing on visual, sight and sound neglecting one of the most important senses: smell.

Being unique and finding a point of differentiation is a key concern of any brand wanting to improve customer experiences and scent can help them achieve this. A sensory logo works like a visual logo and helps customer identifying and remembering your brand easily.

“Based on my own research in this area, I am convinced of scent’s role as a powerful means of communication with one’s customers no matter what the business.”
- Professor Spence, Experimental Psychology at Oxford University

The fact that human can recall scents for a very long time allows brands to create a strong connection with their customers through scent. With the growth and development of online business this is definitely a huge asset and advantage for businesses with stores and office to enable them to provide a better customer experience for their clients.

Facts and studies

on how scent improves customer experience

Research by ICM found over half of consumers say they love their favorite stores due to its ambience.

-by ICM

Three out of four people (74%) are impulsively drawn into a store by a smell.

-by Professor Charles Spence MA PhD

In a hospitality environment, 77% of consumers say a pleasant smell in a hotel would have a positive impact on them.

-by ICM

90% of consumers would either walk out of a store or speed up their browsing if they didn’t like the smell inside it.

-by ICM

Ambient scent is the most effective in influencing consumer behavior in terms of emotion, evaluation, desire to return to a store and purchasing habits.

-by Dr.Scent

Scents have been proven to eliminate stress, stimulate fond memories and inspire customers.

-by Smell & Taste Research Foundation