About Rezaroma

Rezaroma provides on-demand fragrance solutions for businesses and consumers. We handle the fragrance creation, the installation, and service of diffusers on a month-to-month basis without compromise. Clients have access to world-renowned scent creators through a single easy-to-use website and our team of fragrance professionals across the Middle East and beyond.


From providing signature scents developed by trusted international perfumers to creating effective solutions to eliminate unwanted odors, Rezaroma is the Middle East’s scent marketing leader. Whether you are looking for a standard fragrance or tailor made perfume, we offer solutions to a range of businesses across the Middle East, no matter how big or small.

Established in 2002, we are small close-knit group of people who truly believe in the tangible benefits of scent marketing and odor diffusing. If you don’t believe us, then ask any of our partners.

Rezaroma supplies scent marketing solutions across Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Bahrain, Kuwait, the gulf, as well as selected oversees destinations.

At Rezaroma we offer the best fragrance diffusers and scenting equipment around. This means, you can control the exact intensity of our world-renowned fragrances created by the best noses in the world.

When choosing your scent marketing provider, we recommend you to look at the diffuser equipment, the range and quality of the fragrances and the service offered as well as the access it has to all parts of this region as each of these four components matter.

Why us ?

Years in business

We are the oldest players in this market, and therefore have the best ease of access to all parts of the Middle East.

Best machines

Our machines last the longest, are easy to maintain, and deliver the best results.

Best fragrances

We have one of the widest selections for standard fragrances, and our partner is the world’s leading perfume designer house.

Wide range

We have a very wide scent diffusers range available to scent any size area from the smallest waiting room to an entire airport or shopping mall.

Best Service

Being our customer is a safe and sound decision. We are here to take care of everything from A to Z so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Best Knowledge

Our big experience in this industry guarantee you our know-how

Our Partners


Prolitec employs scent as a medium of communication to deliver enhanced customer experiences through experiential marketing, branding, aromatherapy, and odor remediation. Read on to learn more about our proprietary technology and service.

Social Responsibility

Our values drive us to provide our services responsibly.

Laptop image

At Rezaroma we are fully committed to excellence in climate action. We are implementing an ambitious agenda and acting for the environment across our operations and beyond. We take the environment around us seriously and our policies reflect that.

We are also continuing our research to find future fragrances and machines that are even safer for the environment we live in. From a new organic range of fragrances, to better quality diffusers using less energy, we are aiming high but realistic in our ambitions.

Our Approach

The effective use of fragrance in an environment
involves much more than installing a scent diffuser.



What are your needs
Arranging system approach
Ambient scenting options


Facility survey

Site survey
Air flow & Traffic report


System design

Scent mapping
Scent review
System recommendations


Scent design

Scent selection
Scent creation if required
Scent trials



System installation


Usage monitoring
Customer satisfaction survey