Residential Towers

Enhance Your Residents Welcome Experience.

Residential Towers can now complete the welcome experience for their residents and their guests.

Residential Towers can choose from a range of designer fragrances to suit the image and experience they wish to project to the brand lifestyle of their property. Our diffusers transform high quality fragrance oils into a fine, dry vapor into the AC ducting to the areas where you actually need the result.

Residential Tower Fragrance

The Lobby


Residential Towers and their holding companies know the power of a brand scent, and that’s why many of our clients have gone so far as to create their own signature scent for the lobbies, and have extended that fragrance into the parking lots and retail corridors to enhance the living experience.

Scenting benefits

in real estate marketing

Pleasurable atmosphere


Scent helps to create a pleasurable and calming atmosphere for your residents and their guests.

Memorable experience


Scent engages other senses (olfactory) to create a unique and memorable experience for purchasers.

Multisensory experience


Scent immerses guests in a multi-sensory experience which helps them to picture themselves living in a dream home.

Property differentiation


Scent is a unique real estate marketing idea that helps to differentiate the property.

Odor diffusion


Scent is a unique way to get rid of unwanted odors from pets in the building

Residential towers and communities are now able to create a distinct impression, a sense of luxury, one of positive emotions to enhance resident’s loyalty.