Enhance your crowds Welcome at your next event.

Exhibitions, cinemas, stadiums and concert arenas can now complete the guest welcome experience for their crowds.

Whether you are fragrancing an entire conference arena, or your booth, take advantage by creating a unique experience that will have visitors stopping in their tracks.

Pallet of boxes

The Venue


Arenas can choose from a range of designer fragrances to suit the image and experience they wish to project to their customers. Our diffusers transform high quality fragrance oils into a fine, dry vapor into the AC ducting to the areas where you actually need the result.

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The Entrance


A welcoming fragrance in the lobby/reception area can be extended through to the lift, waiting areas, corridors and business lounges or executive boxes.

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The Lounge


Executive lounges can have light pleasant fragrance that reflects the professional business image of the VIP guests.

Event managers know the power of a brand scent, and that’s why many of our clients have gone so far as to create their own signature scent for their arena/cinema.