Increase Loyalty

How can scent Encourage Customer Loyalty?

Stores, hotels, banks, clubs or any type of industries need to make a long-lasting impression on their customers if they're focused on building customer loyalty. If you can’t even remember an experience you had somewhere why would you come back? Memories and emotion are linked to the sense of the smell as it is the most powerful sense in terms of remembering an experience, especially if it is a powerful one.

Scent creates a positive feeling for a brand and an emotional connection which is one of the cornerstones towards building customer loyalty.

Facts and studies

on how scent increases consumer dwell time

Lindstrom reported a 70% increase in brand loyalty when a third sense was engaged.

-by Lindstrom

Helm’s Bank introduced scent which helped, “double their revenue”, as well as the number of new account openings. Customer satisfaction shot up 20 percent, to 99 percent.

-by Helm’s Bank

Studies from the Gartner Group have shown that 80% of all revenue is derived from 20% of all customers and a study from Bain reported that repeat customers spend approximately 67% more than new customers. Thus any strategy which focusses on building customer loyalty is likely to dramatically improve the bottom line.

-by Gartner Group