Brand awareness the minute customers
walk in.

Scientific studies have shown that sales can grow by at least 15% when a pleasant fragrance environment complements the shopping experience.

Evidence shows that the use of scent can have a significant and direct impact on retail business profitability and thus should be a key part of your retail marketing strategy.

Fragrance Retail stores

Shopping in your stores


Aroma branding draws people in, makes them stay longer and tries to bring them back.

With the growth of online shopping, retailers are turning to more ‘experience” shopping in their stores. One of the best ways of doing so, is to create an atmosphere that helps engage shoppers with the environment they are in. A fresh grass aroma in an outdoors sports store, or an aroma of fresh bread in a bakery, the possibilities are endless.

Scenting Benefits in Stores

On-demand traditional scenting with Rezaroma gets you up and running quickly without hassles or high costs

Custom Fragrance


Essentially what brands want to do, is design a fragrance to express the overall brand message by improving the customer experience, increasing customer dwell time and willingness to buy.

Scent Marketing


Using scent marketing connects your brand with your customers on an emotional level, which in turn increases loyalty and your brands equity. Given that scent is linked with memory, customers will long remember the pleasant experience and should hopefully return.



Our system diffuses high quality fragrance oils into a fine, dry vapor into the AC ducting to the areas where you actually need the result.

Localized Fragrance


For localized fragrance of a specific area we can use localized diffusion equipment with fragrances to suit the season, event or product being promoted.

Event managers know the power of a brand scent, and that’s why many of our clients have gone so far as to create their own signature scent for their Stores.