Our Diffusers


IFRA approved fragrances
Highest standard of IFRA approved fragrances especially formulated for air scent diffusion - not just any old perfume.

Cartridge Duration up to 4 times that of our competitors
Our scent diffuser consume scent at a rate as low as one quarter of that of our competitors. The fragrance oil is more concentrated, meaning you need less to create the same effect.

Safe and Sound product
Our product represents a safe and sound decision for any buyer. Relax, our machines work.

Authentic scents and exact scent intensity
We offer best quality fragrances created by the best noses on the planet.

Custom scents and fragrances
We can create any scent required including recreating your favorite perfume!

Subtle, not overpowering
Our light particles will deliver a consistent and uniform scent effect matching the design and atmosphere.