Corporate Offices

Impress clients, have more satisfied staff and a positive work space.

Ambient scenting in offices is one way to stand out with your corporate branding, ensure impressed clients and satisfied staff.

Companies can now make their environments less stressful by using decor, lighting and especially the power of specific fragrances to provide a pleasant ambiance.

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Scent has been linked to improved alertness and reduced error rates, so it benefits staff performance and morale. Scent also reduces stress and anxiety and causes feelings of relaxation. Antibacterial properties of essential oils may be harnessed to create a cleaner work place.

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Scent is effective even at very subtle levels, where one is virtually unaware of it. It increases the perception of the quality of a corporate brand and enhances your client's overall impression of your business. And bespoke corporate scents, which we can provide, are ideal for corporate office branding.

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Meeting Rooms


The work place is where we spend almost 50% of our lives. Deadlines to meet, deals to make and a highly competitive atmosphere all contribute to a stressful and sometimes musty atmosphere. Research has shown that appropriate fragrances create a pleasant environment where stress levels are reduced and staff are more productive.

Corporations can enhance their brand by providing subtle fragrances that reflect their image in any of the following locations: Company receptions, Boardrooms and meeting areas, executive Floors, Public reception and waiting areas.

Using a range of unique delivery systems, the liquid fragrances are atomized into a dry vapor before injection into existing air-conditioning systems.