Why Scent Marketing

We’re more than just a great smell.

Several studies have proven the powerful impact that Aroma may have on consumer behavior.

Scents have an instant and captivating effect because they are directly linked to the brains limbic system which is the part of the brain responsible for our memories and emotions. Therefore, scents go beyond our rational perception and have an ultimate impact on our emotions.

Improve customer experience

Increase business



Encourage loyalty & brand awareness

"Martin Lindstrom found that brand impact increased by 30% when more than one sense is engaged and by a whopping 70% when three senses are integrated into the brand message."

What makes Scenting Better?

ROI Scent Marketing

Return on investment


The ROI from scenting is clear these days as fragrance branding results have shown. We are at a stage where the majority of brands, in particular hotels, towers, malls and more have integrated this into their marketing mix throughout customer touch points. The logical next steps for these leading brands is to custom design their fragrance, so that they may look to retail all the different products that can benefit from this new aroma, such as candles, reeds, pillow mist and soaps.

Scent benefits

Increased willingness to buy

Increased sales

Memorable experiences

Brand differentiation