Scent Benefits


Perception of quality
Customers evaluate products in scented environments as being of higher quality.

Increased willingness to buy
Consumers spend more time and money in a scented environment

Increased sales
Consumers spend more time and money in a scented environment

Memorable experience
Consumers remember scented shops more than unscented ones.

Pleasant environment
Consumers experience many positive feelings as a result of breathing in a pleasant aroma.

Brand differentiation
Scent is a new and unique marketing idea for businesses to help them to stand out from the crowd!

Facts and studies

studies on scents that increase sales

Starbucks: Dark greens and wooden décor, chalkboard menus, soft music, and the scent of fresh coffee permeates each location. They sell food too, but you don’t smell it — that’s by design.

Nike: found that scent marketing in retail stores “increased intent to purchase by 80%.”

Lowe's: Walk into one of their brightly lit stores and you’re hit with the scent of freshly cut wood. You may never see a single 2x4 cut in store, but that smell is somehow always there. It's meant to inspire us to renovate our homes and dive into DIY.

Cineplex: Consider the entertainment vibe mixed with the smell of movie-theatre popcorn (which never tastes the same at home) in every corner of the building. It doesn’t matter that they also sell pizza, nachos, and other foods. Their scent brand is fresh popcorn. Movie attendees will see and hear it being made, too, which adds context to the smell.

Gas station: A petrol station with a mini-mart attached to it, pumping around the smell of coffee saw purchases of the drink increase by 300 per cent.

Novotel: Increased breakfast, coffee and pastry sales by diffusing a coffee scent in the morning.

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Scent marketing can increase sales


By diffusing the right aroma in your retail shop, restaurant, mall or retail store you will create an emotional link with your customers which will encourage their intent of purchase and you are likely to see sales increase. The positive association between a place and a scent will thus create an emotional link to the location of a pleasant experience. In a store this will be the main influential factor of our buying decisions.