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Kiss difficult contracts goodbye.

Rezaroma offers Technical Support and Maintenance that cover all services required throughout the duration of the contract.

Controlled re-fill schedule


No surprises

No initial investment

What makes Rezaroma better?

No Hassle Service Contract

No Hassle Service Contract


We offer a full-service contract for where our service team perform regular visits to service the equipment, perform a cleanout service and fragrance top-up.

Seasonal Fragrance

Seasonal Fragrance Options


Say goodbye to difficult One fragrance and say hello to seasonal fragrances to match the holidays. Fragrances can be changed to match events and marketing strategies.

No Surprise Fees

No Surprise Fees


Rezaroma ensures you'll never be stuck with surprise fees or confusing charges. Phew! Now you can focus less on your budget and more on your business.

No Initial Investment

No Initial Investment


We offer you our diffusers on loan. So you never have to budget heavily when starting with us. Imaging having to buy diffusers for an entire mall or 6 hotels.

Cloud Based

Cloud Based


Rezaroma utilizes a web-based Service Support System that automates customer service scheduling. The system links all our service teams through instant PDA updates. Customer service records are immediately uploaded to the web-based application, automatically updating the customers’ records and rescheduling the next service date.

Customers are able to log on and review their own service history and print or forward service report copies using their own user and password access.

Calendar warehouse

Controlled re-fill schedule


Rezaroma utilizes a web-based Service Support System that automates customer service scheduling. So, you’ll never have to worry about when your service is due, or when to top up your diffusers. Leave all that to us!

Our Services are Special

The Right Location For You


Rezaroma has fully serviced warehouses all over the region. That means wherever you need your product, from Cairo to Jeddah, Riyadh to Bahrain or Abu Dhabi to Dubai we’ve got you covered.

More Than Just "Standard"


Have a special fragrance you're working on? Whether it's a signature line or custom candles, Rezaroma offers more than just one product line. Ask us today about our candles and reeds available in your area.

Space For All Kinds Of Products


Whether you have organic certified, temperature controlled, or special use requirements, Rezaroma has a place for your product. We offer a variety of environments and certifications to ensure the needs of your fragrance are met.

Secured and Staffed Facilities


Since we certify each of our warehouses, you can rest assured knowing your fragrances are safe and secure in our spaces staffed by experienced handlers. So the quality of your fragrance is always fresh!