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Busy main street banks with a heavy load of impatient queuing customers, contribute to an overall atmosphere of stress and anxiety. The injection of light subtle fragrances with malodor eliminating molecules into the Air Conditioning system can ensure a pleasant fresh environment where staff and traders are de-stressed and re-energized every step of the way.

Pallet of boxes

The Waiting Area


Research has shown that appropriate fragrances create a pleasant environment where stress levels are reduced and staff are more productive.

Financial institutions can enhance their brand by providing subtle fragrances that reflect their image by diffusing the same signature scent in all branches to help build up the bank's image.

Calendar warehouse

The Entrance


From bank entrances, to waiting areas and from executive floors to the tills, adding a fragrance to a bank’s branches create a more pleasant environment for everyone to go about their most stressful transactions. The banks that know this fact, are the ones who engage in trying to ease every aspect of their customers time in their branches.

If you can further create a custom scent that signifies what you are trying to achieve, then customers will remember you in a world where customers can easily access information online about your products and rates, and where switching bank has occurred more than ever before.