When you think back to your fondest childhood memories, what triggers cause this kind of reminiscence? Sure, it can be a sight or a sound that makes you think of a tradition, but most likely, it’s actually a scent, which science has proved is most closely related to our memory recall.

As a result, leveraging this kind of scent marketing in retail spaces and sales outreach can prove tremendously beneficial for your bottom line. According to these statistics, sensory marketing can increase sales by 10% - that’s something to notice.

Beyond smelling good, why else does scent marketing elicit such a response in consumerism?

1. Scents Make Customers Feel At Home:

When a certain smell hits your nose that makes you think of your grandma’s house, a plant your mom used to put in the kitchen, or a store you loved to shop at with your siblings, it can bring you back in time quickly. That’s because our olfactory recall is closely nestled next to our memory recall in our brains. If your store has this kind of scent wafting through the shelves, it will make consumers feel like they’re home.

2. Good Smells Keep People Around:

Nothing drives people away quicker than a bad smell – it can be torturous. Although no scent at all is neither good nor bad, good scents are enough to keep people around. You might not realize it now, but consumers will linger longer if they are enjoying what they are smelling inside your store.

3. Scent Marketing Creates Better Customer Experiences:

It’s all about experience when shopping today. That’s why so many companies are investing in pop-up shops, displays, filters, etc. Scent marketing for retail sales will create a better customer experience that is more than just a purchase here and there. It will become a full-sensory immersion.

4. Your Employees Will Be Happier, Too:

No one is immune to the pull of scent marketing, which is why investing in this kind of sensory immersion will make your employees happy, too. With them happier, they will provide greater productivity in your work place – they’ll actually be happy to come into work, day after day.

5. Your Brand Will Be Synonymous with Good Smells:

People talk. Word of mouth marketing is one of the strongest ways to recruit new buyers and customers today. When people leave your store claiming it “smells to so good,” they are going to go tell someone that day. When that person hears about the nice scents, they are going to consider coming in and experiencing it for themselves.

On-Demand Fragrancing

It’s hard to encapsulate all of the benefits of scent marketing in just one article. As you can see, scent marketing creates positive experiences and lasting memories that bring customers back, again and again. If you’re looking to boost your retail sales in 2020, consider working with our team at Rezaroma today.