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Traditional Scenting vs. Rezaroma Scenting

On-demand traditional scenting with Rezaroma gets you up and running quickly without hassles or high costs

Traditional Scenting

Limited Service

Slow response time, with minimal visits

Limited Fragrance Range

Select from only a handful of fragrances

Limited Product Mix

Only fragrance diffusers available

Basic Fragrance Knowledge

Limited to handful of fragrances

Scent Specific

Only provide fragrance needs

No Flexibility

Limited fixed price models

Rezaroma Scenting

Hassle Free Service Hassle Free Service

Fastest response time and monthly visits

Unlimited Fragrance Range Unlimited Fragrance Range

Choose from an unlimited range of scents

One Stop Shop One Stop Shop

Diffusers, reeds, candles, sprays and more

Leading Fragrance Knowledge Leading Fragrance Knowledge

In House fragrance designers, custom fragrance

Signature Scent Signature Scent

Ability to create your own signature scent

Budget Flexibility Budget Flexibility

Various price packages to fit your needs

All kinds of use for your fragrance

Commercial Diffusers
Commercial Diffusers

Used for any small space like office or a shop.

Commercial Diffusers

HAVC Diffuser
HVAC Diffusers

For large spaces and extremely powerful diffusion.

HVAC Diffusers

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Home Diffusers

The best solution for home or small office space


High quality ingredients, personalized sizes and custom branded.


Reed Diffusers
Reed Diffusers

No Flame or electricity make this a popular home choice.

Reed Diffusers

Room Spray
Room Sprays

Quick and convenient way to perfume an area in a few seconds.

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International Fragrance Association IFRA


All of Rezaroma’s fragrances comply with the highest level of safety and regulatory guidelines set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA)


IFRA was founded in 1973, and developed an international Code of Practice and safety standards for the fragrance industry. Members of national associations belonging to IFRA must only use fragrance ingredients that do not pose a risk to human health or to the environment.

Why Scent Marketing

See all the benefits

Increase Dwell


Incite customers to spend longer time in your stores. Numerous studies have demonstrated the powerful impact scent has on consumer behavior.

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Create a stronger bond with your visitors through the power of scent. Scenting is also a great way for your brand to stand out from the crowd

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Loyalty Rezaroma


Build customer loyalty by creating an exceptional first impression and memorable experience.

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We Manage Everything

Inventory and store management all managed by us online.

Rezaroma Scent
  • Hassle Free Service
    Relax as we handle all your servicing needs. You don’t need to do anything, with monthly visits all your requirements are taken care of. If you notice something, call us or email us anytime and we have the fastest response time in the market.
  • Flat Fee – No Surprises
    Choosing Rezaroma means once we have agreed on pricing, we don’t come back to you with hidden fees. If anything, we work our best to find you new savings.
  • Best in Class Warranty
    Choosing Rezaroma means your diffuser warranty will last the entire duration of your contract with us.

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One of our sales representatives will visit you on site to discuss the best option for your locations.

Why people love us

Join the many who depend on Rezaroma for their fragrance needs.

It’s all about the experience. Rezaroma has added another dimension to our customers’ experience. customers and staff just love it!

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Rezaroma has a unique ability to capture the DNA of a brand, interpret and translate that into a beautiful essence.

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